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Bass Teacher of Online Bass Lesson Jeff Dingler


Ever since I was a child, I was always curious about how things fit together. Whether I was constructing a puzzle or a set of Legos, I was intrigued by the process of many individual pieces joining to form a greater whole. Music therefore had a rather natural appeal to me. Sometimes it's a question of bringing together the right combination of notes to form a specific harmony. Other times it may be more about the combination of people- that beautiful chemistry that occurs when you get the perfect group of musicians together to collaborate and create something special. And lately for myself, it's been about integrating lessons learned from various musical cultures of the world. Right now, it's Ethiopia and the wonderful history of music there. Earlier on it's been jazz, classical music, West African music, and the sounds of the Balkans. Currently, I am fascinated by the idea of finding common ground for all these influences and to create music which reflects this. I thank you for visiting the site, and if these concepts interest you, I hope you can discover my new album In Transit which explores this theme in full. My musical experience and philosophy translates into my teacher approach, and my online bass lessons are eclectic and varied according to a student's interest.

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